• 2x Monthly Services
  • Haircut or Shave
  • 10.0% Discount on all Products



  • 4x Monthly Services
  • Haircut or Shave
  • 20.0% Discount on all Products



  • 3x Monthly Services
  • Haircut or Shave
  • 15.0% Discount on all Products

Is there a setup fee?

There is no other fee besides the monthly payment.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

We will bill your card each month on the first of the month.

What if I don't use the services or I need to skip a month?

Unused services can be carried forward to the next month, and if you need to skip a month for any reason (vacation, schedule changed, anything at all), we will work with you until you do come back to pick this up.

Can I share this with someone?

The plan is designed for common and typical needs but we are flexible and permit you to 'gift' a service to someone.

Unsure which plan is best for you?
Call our sales team at 1-xxx